Our first game of the season, and in the B league. We knew it was going to be tough and we were going to have to up our game. The boys are a great team and working well together, before during and after the game, having a group chat before the game on their own was great to see. We started strong and the first 7 mins we had more possession and looking like we were going to score. On another day we would have been 2-0 up, which would have changed the whole game. All the boys played well and looked positive. After Ashington scored their first goal we still looked like we were in charge of the game, even when we went 2-0 down. The score did not reflect how well the boys did. The ball was up and down the pitch. We made chances for ourselves and had some good shots. Ashington have come down a league so have played a season in the A league against some tough fast teams. They play quick football, no one holding on to the ball for more than 5 seconds, they were first to a lot of 50 50 balls, this has all come from their experience in the A league. We played some great football especially when on the attack, from the defence up to the strikers. We now need to work on playing the ball quicker and winning those 50 50 balls. The more games we play at this level the better we will be and the more our boys will develop. #onwardsandupwards

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